Technical Highlights since 1970
Technical Highlights since 1970

Hydraulic power units

In the diversified production panel of hydraulic power units we provide intelligent solutions, matched to all the needs our customers have got. We produce hydraulic power packs in the range of performance lasting from 0,12 - 1500 kW installation demand.
On the one hand our products are designed and produce for standard applications with the help of modular conception. On the other hand TH- hydraulic power units may become the ideal solution for your challenging special requirements – due to elaborated solution statements and experience for decades of our employees.

We deliver a vast client base out of both divisions, mobile and industrial hydraulic. With that, TH- hydraulic power packs are used in a huge and partly very curios variety of applications. This variety lasts from

  • Gear sets for the chemicals industry
  • High-precision filling units for helicopter gear boxes
  • ATEX-approved Units for subsurface gas storage
  • Mini-power-packs for mobil as well as for residential saw mill technology
  • Special purpose machinery manufacturing
  • Hydraulic special units for textile industry
  • Bio-mass powerplants
  • Hydraulic press technology

up to units for driving off-shore oil-production stages, just to name a few out of a vast spectrum.

Since every hydraulic power unit, from the first drilling up to the last drop of paint, is produced respectively assembled in our manufacturing plant, we can guarantee you spatial and functional flexibility as well as a very high quality. Every single unit is being tested for functionality and leak tightness, according to TH-standards. Only if these tests are passed – in every single element – we deliver our power packs.
With a testing rate of 100% we assure you extraordinary high quality standards – MADE IN GERMANY.

Each Hydraulic power unit gets delivered with the following documents, to complete the technical documentation

  • General operation manual
  • Declaration of conformity / incorporation 
  • System-dependent documentation
  • Hydraulic scheme
  • Parts-list
  • Test certificate
  • Test reports and certificates (if demanded)

This technical documentation will be delivered in german or english, by default. Other languages are available, as well, on demand.

Every unit meets the requirements of ISO 4413:2010, Hydraulic fluid power - General rules and safety requirements for systems and their components


Additionally we would like to offer you the production and installation of your required electric drive and control. Furthermore we’d like helping you to develop and upgrade the electric control of an existing machine you already own. Our experience of electric control units, we already built, lasts from easy on/off drives up to electro-proportional test station, where a maximum deviation of 0.5% with drag forces up to 20 ton is allowed.

We would like to offer you our help with the construction in your house. The experience of our hydraulic expert staff would love to give you a hand.