Technical Highlights since 1970
Technical Highlights since 1970
Technical Highlights since 1970

Control manifolds

Hydraulic control units, made by Tyroller Hydraulik, are set up customized and for your special needs. You may order manually operated control valves in mono-block and modular design as well as hydraulic and electrical operated control units.

Our top sellers are

  • complete manually operated SD control valves
  • PVG Proportional valves, manually, electrical and hydraulically steerable
  • Exchangeable Cetop-units for standard hole patterns, manually, electrical and hydraulically steerable

SD Control valves

The Control valves of the SD Series are perfect for manual operation of one or more consumers, preferred in mobile hydraulics. These valves may be purchased for applications with flow rate up to 400 L/min and pressure up to 315 bars. Thanks to their modular design style, they are arbitrarily expandable.

Proportional-Steering Valves, PVG32, PVG100, PVG120

Danfoss Proportionalvalves are load independent, combined flow control and directional control valves. The biggest advantage, their flexibility, is assured due to its modular design style. These valves may be operated manually, electrical and hydraulically.

The complexity of circuit in its applications may last from simple on/off commands up to load independent, remote controlled proportional flow control for load sensing systems. The field of applications are multifaceted:

  • Crane-machineries
  • Skidding cars
  • Whinch and cylinder controls
  • Press hydraulics
  • Mobile hydraulics

Existing systems and units may be added to without a lot of effort. Thanks to our trade connections with Danfoss for decades and over 5000 sold PVG valves, our employees are absolute experts with these control units

<b>PVG 32</b> <b>PVG 100</b> <b>PVG 120</b>
Pmax [bar] 350 350 400
Qmax P [l/min] 140 (230*) 250 300
Qmax (section) [l/min] 100 (130**) 180 220
Pressure fuse
Yes No Yes
Flow sharing
No Yes No

*only with mid pump-entry-module PVPM
**special pressure modulating valve is needed

Steering units, based on CETOP technology

With the help of the Cetop control valve technology, we may built up large steering and control units in very dense design. You may purchase these valves from CETOP 03 up to CETOP 06, which correlates to NG6 up to NG25 Norm sizes. With these sizes, you may control oil flow from 45 L/min (NG6) up to 600 L/min (NG25).

Theses valves may be operated manually, electrically and hydraulically, as well.

Due to sandwich plate design, these valve-interlinings may be extended in functionality without a huge effort