Technical Highlights since 1970
Technical Highlights since 1970

Hydraulic systems for amusement rides

Our hydraulic power units and components are built in a lot of amusement rides, widely spread all over the world. We have experience in this very special and challenging sector for over 40 years now and were part of more than 20 different and over countless amusement rides in total.

Yearly we are producing a couple of new, innovative rides in close collaboration with the companies Zierer Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH and Max Streicher GmbH & CO. KG. In these rides there is a remarkable part of Tyroller Hydraulik. We develop new concepts for both, mobile showman equipment and fun rides for theme parks.

We produce and provide for amusement rides amongst others

  • Hydraulic power units
  • Hydraulic special cylinders
  • Rotary feedthrough
  • Safety bars

The company founder, Johann Tyroller, was a pioneer in engineering and producing the wave swinger.
This ride is supposed to be the evergreen amongst amusement rides and is fun for people of every age group. The first wave swinger was built in the early 70’s and from this day on it was improved steadily.

Since the topic “conveyance of passengers” is very delicate regarding safety regulations, we do check every drive before first delivery in cooperation with the TÜV. With that we guarantee a maximum of built in safety engineering for these fun rides.