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Hydraulic cylinders

We as a company offer you everything you need, that refers to the theme Hydraulic Cylinder:

  • Design / projection
  • Fabrication
  • Repairing
  • Service
  • Overhauling
  • Stress analysis (on demand)

We offer standard and normalised cylinders as well as any kind of special hydraulic cylinders in an extraordinary huge variety. The available sizes of our TH- cylinders range from diameters of 10 up to 300mm and may provide a maximum cylinder-hub up to 8000mm. TH- Cylinders may be driven with a stroke-speed up to 8 m/s, depending on the hydraulic circumstances (Since this requires a special construction, the stroke speed needs to be clarified before order).

The highly improved technical standards in our process technology nowadays make different and great demands on what a cylinder has to do. Huge forces are as well needed as a high grade of speed, dynamic and accuracy. Therefore we produce our hydraulic cylinders among other things with

  • Integrated position sensor
  • Adjustable end cushioning
  • Inductive limit switch
  • The valve and steering units that the apllication need and so on.

All TH- Cylinders are engineered with state of the art 3D-CAD programs by our construction engineers before they are passed on to our production plant.

Thanks to our experience we have been able to build up over years, we guarantee you highest quality standards in all of our products. Every Cylinder we produce gets tested for functionality and leak tightness. These tests are performed with a testing-pressure that is at least 150% of the operating pressure, according to TH-standards. With that we assure, that every single cylinder is tested and works proper before we deliver them.

All of our hydraulic cylinders are verified according to ISO 10100 - hydraulic fluid power - cylinders - acceptance test, at least. 

On demand, our engineers will do a stress analysis especially for your cylinder. It will be conformed on the needed engineer standards in order to get a safety approval and will be customized to your installation situation.

Here is are clear view of some technical details of TH-cylinders:

Static testing pressure 130 % of operating pressure (dependent from piston seal and mounting situation.)
Mounting position arbitrary
High pressure fluids Mineral oil DIN 51524 (HL,HLP)
Phosphoric acid-Ester (HFD-R)
Temperature range of fluids -40°C to +200°C
Venting serial
Priming coat Hydro-cylinders are undercoated by default
Approval Every Cylinder is tested according to DIN ISO 10100