Technical Highlights since 1970
Technical Highlights since 1970

Drilling units - carriers

Drilling units, produced by Tyroller Hydraulik do stand as a synonym for compactness, strength and reliability. They did prove their worth for years for all of our customers and with that, they made their marks in this large industrial sector.
Our drilling machines combine mobility and strength in a very small space. For these reasons, drilling rigs of the product family TDS*-* do have a large variety of operation fields:

  • Sub-soil investigations
  • Pollution legacy investigations
  • water supply drillings / restorations
  • near-surface geothermal energy

Historically grown, our company does have experience in building these type drilling units for over 40 years. This experience, added with our innovative ideas will help us to finding an individually equipped drilling rig that will fit your needs.

We offer our Carrier vehicle based drilling machine with a variety of vehicles – with that we basically build the machine you want to have on the vehicle you would like.

Here is some key data of our caterpillar-driven drilling units:

CARRIER VEHICLE MAN 10.224 LAEC, 6 cylinder
diesel-engine, 220PS
On demand we deliver other motors and manufacturers of these vehicle.
Drilling depth up to 300 m
Drag force of main winch up to 100 000 N
Feed force up to 45 000 N
Retraction force up to 75 000 N
Feed length up to 4600 mm (variable)
Torque 2200 Nm
Speed 0 - 300 r/min
Torque 7500 - 20 000 Nm
Speed 0 - 70 r/min
Retraction bis zu 600 mm/s
Feed bis zu 400 mm/s
Flushing diameter 94 mm
Overall weight 12 000 kg, depending on installation