Reference customers

Right now we as a company do have an active client base of ca. 3.500 out of all fields of the mechanical engineering industry. Following are some of our top costumers, in order to give you a short overview of our variety of applications.


The Company Zierer Karussell und Maschinenbau GmbH, meanwhile a member of the Streicher group, is a manufacturer of amusement rides. They are producing mobile fun rides as well as fun rides for amusement parks, which are distributed all over the world. (see Amusementrides)

Streicher Group

The Streicher group, which has its headquarter in Deggendorf, Germany, is a global active company in a lot of national and international large scale projects. From deep drilling rigs for off shore applications up to asphalt machines, the Streicher group is represented in a lot fields of the special mechanical engineering. Tyroller Hydraulik provides the Streicher group for a long time with hydraulic components and sub systems.


Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH, based in Weinsberg, is producing special mechanical and systems engineering for the whole word.


Netzsch Unternehmensgruppe, divided in the fields „analyse & test “, „grinding and dispersing “ and „pumps & systems “ exists since 1873 and does offer individual ideal solutions for each field.


Pfeifer Group is a woodworking company with more than 1500 employees all over the world. Their main focus is set into producing pallet bricks out of needle-trees. For this application, Tyroller Hydraulic designed an ideal system solution with rated power input of 1.5 MW.


Terrasond is a company,that does geotechnical ground-analysis in every way. Terrasond is using our drilling rigs for a long time.


Serra is a manufacturer of mobile and stationary log band saws, which are produced in a customized way.