Technical Highlights since 1970

Project planning

„Great ideas, implemented professionally, with our guaranteed quality. These are the cornerstones we are offering you. “

This guideline was implemented to the company by Stefan Tyroller, former owner and CEO of Tyroller Hydraulik.

This guideline in combination with our philosophy, delivering our customer with exactly the unit/service he wants to have, are completing our product and service offer.

Our customer sees us either with a rough idea or a mature conception of his desired end product. We develop this idea in our engineering department to its final form.

From the first idea up to the last screw, which is tunred into the end product – everything is done in-house.

This is our strength.

With modern CAD-programms, our well trained employees are engineering for our customers in 2D or 3D:

  • Hydraulic schemes
  • Drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Explosion view drawings

which are meeting your demands.

„We need to be capable of producing every item, we may need, on our own.“

According to this motto, we are producing your customized part in our versatile equipped production hall.