Technical Highlights since 1970
Technical Highlights since 1970

Special solutions

In consequence of our technical KnowHow – which was growing for over 40 years and still does, we are able to solve the trickiest problems in an extraordinary creative and innovative way. Still we guarantee you to produce these – mostly prototypes – products in our well known and appreciated “TH-Quality” and reliability.

Accumulator cylinder for safety bar control

A good example to be mentioned in this context is the especially for amusement rides designed Accumulator cylinder for safety bar control. This is a system, which was designed according to highest security standards for passenger transportation. The system proved its reliability over years now – without any failure. Due to its compact design this cylinder unit may be mounted in the narrowest space-conditions – And still it guarantees secure and powerful technology.


On these pictures you see the reduced hydraulic scheme and the produced unit. (See also: amusement rides)


Another example for our innovative hydraulic solutions is a Antishock-system – designed in order to decelerate a weight of 3000 Kg with a maximum acceleration of 7G in a way as small as 0,9 m.

Although the requirements for our systems are extraordinary challenging, we do succeed in developing a very tight solution that still guarantees you “TH-Quality” and reliability.

Contact our technical department – we would like to help you finding the right special-solution for your application.

Systems to handle aerated concrete plates

Aerated concrete is pretty fragile if you put punctual strain on it. Due to their heavy weight high forces have to be exerted to move them in the production process. Tyroller Hydraulik designed - in collaboration with the company Vollert - a system that meets these demands.