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Energy efficient hydraulic solutions

We do work under “high pressure” on your energy efficient hydraulic solution

There is a rethinking in the world’s population. More and more people want to have green power out of sustainable usage of energy. Along with this attitude come the increased needs and wishes for energy efficiency. Unfortunately this way of thinking has not come up to every company in the hydraulic industry.

Tyroller Hydraulik as a company did recognize these signs of the times. We did produce a pilot project in collaboration with the company MAX Streicher GmbH &CO KG. In that project we completely redesigned a hydraulic drive in order to increase efficiency and to recover energy. The results were, after all tests were performed, that we were able to save as much as 70% electric power.

In this pilot machine we proceeded a weight from 2.0 - 3.8 to with the help of synchronous machine, operated by a frequency converter. We were able to drive this varying load in constant conditions, independent of its actual value. Since we drove this gear in so called two-quadrant operation we were able to produce electric power by controlling the synchronous machine in generator mode. This is made possible by the hydraulic load, which is pending at the internal gear pump.

By direct-controlling of the actuator of the system, in this case hydro-cylinders, it is possible to reduce the pressure loss at the directional valves – and with that saving a lot of energy.

Efficiency and Hydraulics – we combine those two terms in our intelligent system solutions.

Our innovative team consisting of well experienced engineers and technicians will work out an efficient solution for your problem – in order to decrease energy-consumption and with that to save money.

We would also like to offer you to upgrade an already existing machine in order to save energy.

In order to enable your wish of energy recovery and saving we will optimize and/or produce your hydraulic power unit either in two-quadrant mode (open hydraulic circuit) or in four-quadrant mode.