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Explosion Prevention

Hydraulic Cylinders according ATEX 2014/34/EU

In many sectors of industry it is possible, that explosive atmosphere is generated during the manufacturing process of specific products.

The Final product as well as upcoming side products may mix up with surrounding air and with that generate such an explosive atmosphere.If there is such a mixture of gas or dust combined with air, a little amount of energy suffices to trigger this mixture. This may happen due to e.g. heat or sparkling. The result may be a huge explosion with fatal consequences.


Tyroller Hydraulik is bringing you, as one of the few in the market, all advantages of an hydraulic system in an explosive atmosphere.


Our ATEX cylinders may be used in Zones 1, 21, 2, 22.

The protection level of our cylinders is as follows: 

                                                            EX II 2 GD c b TX (by default)
                                                            EX II 2 GD c T5X/100°C   

Thanks to our long-term experience in the field of cylindrical structure combined with our specialist knowledge in the field of explosion protection, our EX-hydraulic-cylinders will be the appropriate solution for you.

We offer you a made-to-order unit, fitting your functionality needs as well as your requirements for your explosion protection. Concerning the different functionality possibilities, we offer you the same variety as in our standard programm:

  • Inductive limit switch
  • Integrated position sensor
  • Adjustable end cushioning
  • The valve and steering units that the apllication needs 

(More options may be available on request)

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