Technical Highlights since 1970
Technical Highlights since 1970

Drilling rigs - single components

Our drilling rigs are equipped with components, which are designed in-house and are especially made for the needs of these drilling rigs. Thus these components are designed and completely produced by TH, we can adjust each part to your needs.

Top drive

Our top drive may be driven in 2 different speed levels. This is realized with a so called hydraulic rapid feed control. On the one hand, there is the rapid feed, which is designed for high rotation speed and low torque. On the other hand there is the force feed which is designed for low rotation speed and high torque transmission.

We do offer 2 different types of our top drive which may be equipped for your needs. Their power spectrum lasts up to the following values:

Torque in force feed 20.000 Nm
Rotation speed in force 0-70 r/min
Torque in rapid feed 2200 Nm
Rotation speed in rapid feed 0-300 r/min

It is possible to generate higher torque transmission by operating in intermittent mode.

Collet chuck

TH-drilling rigs are produced with a double collet chuck design. In this configuration the lower collet chuck has a variable bar-diameter and fixed positions. The upper collet chuck does have a fixed diameter (mostly) and a variable position. In fact it is possible to proceed a stroke of 500mm. With that, the initial drilling through loose sand is possible without using the lower collet chuck or the top drive.

Upper collet chuck (const. maximum diameter), drive-range: 500mm
Lower collet chuck (clamping ranger here: 80 - 508 mm)
Drag force up to 5000 daN
Copressive force up to 2500 daN

Chuck head

Hydraulic actuated chuck head. With the help of the tensible cone the drilling bar will be fixed in its place. With that, the rotating movement, given by the top drive, will be carried on to the bar. The TH-Chuck-Head brings huge advantages in connecting and solving the connections in the bars.

Main winch

The Main winch is available in two different sizes, by default:

  • Drag force up to 10 ton
  • Drag force up to 20 ton

Different sizes are available, on demand



Drag force up to 20.000 daN
Lowering / dragging speed up to 1 m/s
Rope-admittance up to 110 m
Rope Ø 18 mm



Auxiliary winch

The Auxiliary winch is available in two different sizes, by default.

  • Drag force up to 1,5 ton
  • Drag force up to 3,0 ton

Different sizes are available, on demand.